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We are physicians who have been providing safe, legal abortions for more than forty years. We are nationally recognized for providing superior care to our patients. Physicians throughout the United States refer their patients to us. These referrals represent almost half of the surgeries we perform each year. We have won and kept their confidence by demonstrating our consistent commitment to each and every patient, both medically and emotionally, and by providing the best possible care. This approach sets us apart and makes our physician group the best choice for women seeking pregnancy terminations.



Dayton, Ohio

(800) 672-6810

Indianapolis Indiana

(800) 382-9029

Teléfono Español

(888) 720-9794

Abortion Care Options

Women’s Med provides abortions in Dayton, Ohio  through 22 weeks in pregnancy.

Indiana Patients: Contact the Indianapolis office to schedule your pre-abortion visit for the procedure in Dayton. Abortions are banned in Indiana except in hospitals and only for unusual situations.