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Fetal Indication

If you have been referred to our Center because there are serious medical problems with your pregnancy, this unexpected news is devastating and your decision to terminate is a difficult one.

The Women’s Med Group is a private medical practice specializing in pregnancy termination services. Our highly skilled physicians and well-trained staff are experienced in providing comfort and assistance to women in crisis and we will make every effort to help you during this difficult time.

If you have a Downs Syndrome pregnancy, please click here for more information about Ohio’s Down Syndrome law.

Your care will be personally coordinated by a Registered Nurse (RN). She works closely with regional genetic centers and understands both your medical and emotional needs. After you schedule your appointment, she will contact you and your physician’s office to answer questions and to coordinate any special requests or tests.

We will provide you and your husband or support person a private waiting and recovery area. This person may be with you during these times.

If you would like more information about pregnancy termination procedures and what you may expect while at our Center, please click one of the links at the top of this page.



Ohio Local: 937-293-3917
Out-of-State: 1(800) 672-6810

Abortion Care

Women’s Med provides abortions in Dayton, Ohio through 22 weeks in pregnancy.

Indiana Patients: Abortion is currently banned in Indiana except in hospitals.

Please call our Dayton office for an appointment.