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Abortion Facts, Research and Non-Biased Information for Students and Teachers

We appreciate the opportunity to be your abortion information resource.
The selected resources have been reviewed by our head doctor on staff for medical accuracy. They provide unbiased, factual information based on the premise that a well-informed decision comes from knowing the truth.

Before you start your research, consider narrowing your scope to one or several aspects of abortion since abortion is such a broad topic. Here are some suggestions:

(1). History of abortion – How did ancient culture view abortion? What about world cultures today?

(2). Politics of Abortion – Current issues, court cases, legislation. What events led up to the 1973 landmark Roe vs. Wade decision? What are the current trends?

(3). Methods of Abortion – How are abortions performed? How and when is each method used?

(4). Abortion and Alternatives – Research abortion, adoption and parenthood. What are the benefits and risks of each choice? Where can women in your area get accurate information on each?

(5). Abortion and Religion – Churches’ views differ greatly. Which churches support the right to choose abortion? What about church members who disagree with the teachings of their particular faith?

(6). Clinic Violence – What types of violence have occurred? How often?

(7). The Abortion controversy – How do pro-choice and anti-choice groups support their position?

(8). Pregnancy Prevention – Preventing pregnancy removes the need to even consider abortion. What birth control methods are reliable? How does the reduction of public funding for birth control affect minors and low-income women? Should insurance companies pay for birth control?

(click on the underlined links to visit these sites.)

The Alan Guttmacher Institute – Is an independent, not-for-profit organization that engages in reproductive health research, policy, analysis, and public education. Up-to-date abortion information and research reports are available on this site.

Center for Reproductive Rignts (CRR) – This independent, non-profit, legal organization is dedicated to ensuring women have access to appropriate and freely chosen reproductive health services.

Centers for Disease Control: National Abortion Statistics and Research– This is the Centers for Disease Control site for national abortion statistics and research.

UConservadores de los E.E.U.U – Republicano y politica conservadora – Esta pagina politica conservadora contiene informes y acoplamientos eso explica al conservador la posicion respecto al aborto asi como acoplamientos a otras paginas antiaboristas. Las pagina de internet antibortista han sido objetivos que encontraban duros a incluir en esta lista,como la mayoria se basan asustar religiosamente al lector sobre el aborto mas sin embargo el dar la informacion honesta para que el lector tome la decision sana,

National Abortion Federation (NAF) – This is the offcial site of the National Abortion Federation, the professional association for abortion practitioners. It offers fact sheets and other information on abortion as well as current legal challenges to abortion in the U.S.

National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) – This grass roots organization provides factual information about abortion, women’s health, contraception, news and laws.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America – This is Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s abortion information site which contains accurate information about the methods and facts of abortion operations. It also contains balanced information about making a choice to have an abortion or not. The site contains links to many fact sheets and reports that examine many of the legal and social issues surrounding abortion. – is a Canadian site that describes the issues and various religious and ethical perspectives in an objective an non-judgmental manner. It also examines Biblical and religious history surrounding abortion. In depth information but a little difficult to navigate.

RU486, Early Option Pill, Mifepristone – Official site of Danco Laboratories. Prescription information, patient guide, news, and history.

Sunshine for Women: Abortion with an Attitude – A pro-choice feminists site with many good links to papers, legal decisions and the history of abortion.

Yahoo! Directory Abortion – Contains many links to recent articles dealing with abortion.

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