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The Today Sponge® is a sponge-like disc about 2 inches in diameter containing spermicide that a woman inserts into her vagina before intercourse.

How Does It Work?
The sponge works by blocking the entrance to the uterus making it difficult for sperm to enter. It also releases a spermicide that slows the sperm so that they cannot move.

Ideally, for every 100 women using the sponge, 9 will become pregnant every year. In practice, however, about 16 will become pregnant because it is not always used correctly.

The advantages of the sponge are that:

  • available without a prescription
  • is relatively inexpensive
  • can be used during breastfeeding
  • does not affect a woman’s hormones
  • can be inserted hours before intercourse

Some women find that the sponge is messy or difficult to insert. Other women feel that it is too dry. A water based lubricant may be used with it.

Side Effects
Some women experience vaginal irritation with the sponge.

Less Common Side Effects
Rarely it has been associated with toxic shock syndrome and should not be used during menstruation or immediately after abortion or childbirth. Also, it should not be left in the vagina more than 30 hours.

Women should not use sponge if they are allergic to polyurethane, spermicides or sulfa.

For Further Information
Visit the Today Sponge® web site: