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The Abortion Pill (RU-486)

The Women’s Med offers non-surgical abortions with RU-486 often referred to as “the abortion pill” at all our locations. A non-surgical abortion is much like a miscarriage early in a pregnancy. Some women consider this method more “natural” than surgical abortions. Others prefer surgery because it is completed more quickly and causes less discomfort for a shorter period of time.

When can an RU-486 abortion be performed?
RU-486 abortions are performed from the time a woman knows she is pregnant until 70 days from the first day of her last normal menstrual period. All patients electing a non-surgical abortion have an ultrasound to accurately confirm the length of the pregnancy.

How does an RU-486 abortion work?
Women take two medications one to two days apart. The first is Mifeprex®, also known as RU-486. Mifeprex® blocks one of the hormones (progesterone) that is important for early pregnancies to develop. By blocking this hormone, the pregnancy dies and the cervix of the uterus begins to soften. The second medication is misoprostol, a prostaglandin that causes the uterus to contract (similar to labor) and expel the pregnancy. This causes cramps and bleeding.

What are the steps in terminating a pregnancy with RU-486?
When you return after the pre-abortion visit, the physician provides you the first medication (Mifeprex®) which you will take in the physician’s presence. This is a small tablet that is swallowed with water. The physician also provides your other medications and birth control. We will also give you a Rhogam injection if you are Rh negative.

A day or two later you will take the other medication, misoprostol, 4 small tablets dissolved in the mouth. Usually within two to four hours you will begin to experience very strong cramps and heavy bleeding. This may last an additional two to four hours.

Follow-up Visit – Two weeks later you should return for a followup ultrasound examination to verify that your uterus is empty and that the abortion was complete.

Can any woman have a non-surgical abortion?
There are certain limitations that prevent women from having this type of termination:

  • Women must be less than 71 days in pregnancy as determined by ultrasound
  • Women with an ectopic pregnancy or who have an IUD in place
  • Women who have bleeding disorders or are taking blood-thinners are ineligible
  • Those who have been on long-term corticosteriod therapy or are allergic to Mifeprex® or Cytotec or other prostaglandins
  • In addition, anyone who might be unable to understand the effects of or comply with the treatment should not use the drug

Will medical abortions revolutionize the way abortions are provided?
RU-486 can only be used by women with a pregnancy up to 70 days. These women tend to like the privacy and control the medical abortion allows them.

We find that many women still prefer the surgical method and the advantages it offers.



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Abortion Care Options

Women’s Med provides abortions in Dayton, Ohio  through 22 weeks in pregnancy.

Indiana Patients: Abortion is currently banned in Indiana except in hospitals.

Please call our Dayton office for an appointment.