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Roe vs Wade Supreme Court

Abortion remains LEGAL in Ohio at this time due to a local court injunction.

Recently, the US Supreme Court issued a decision that overturned Roe vs Wade, the earlier Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. This empowers the state legislatures to control abortion in any way they choose.

Immediately after this decision, the Ohio Attorney General went to court and requested the injunction be lifted that blocked Ohio’s heartbeat abortion ban. The court complied and abortions were banned in Ohio when a fetal heartbeat could be detected. Women’s Med and other providers sued in state court and obtained an injunction blocking the ban. This injunction is being appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court by the Ohio Attorney General.

As of 2024, abortion is illegal in Indiana. It is only legal in hospitals for cases involving fatal fetal abnormalities, to preserve the mother’s life and in rape and incest cases.

If you value a women’s right to have the choice of an abortion, then you need to vote. Most Democratic candidates support abortion but we urge you to do your research and VOTE!



Ohio Local: 937-293-3917
Out-of-State: 1(800) 672-6810

Abortion Care

Women’s Med provides abortions in Dayton, Ohio through 22 weeks in pregnancy.

Indiana Patients: Abortion is currently banned in Indiana except in hospitals.

Please call our Dayton office for an appointment.