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Female Condom

The FC2 Female Condom® is a polyurethane sheath that is inserted into the vagina. It can be inserted by the woman or her male partner.

How Does It Work?
The female condom collects semen so that sperm does not enter the vagina.

For every 100 women using the female condom as directed, approximately 5 will become pregnant each year. In practice, about 20 become pregnant due to inconsistent use.

Female condoms have several advantages:

  • they are easily available over the counter
  • they can be used with latex allergy
  • they protect either partner from STD’s
  • they do not affect a woman’s hormones
  • can be use with both water and oil based lubricants
  • they provide protection even if the man loses his erection

Occasionally the condom may slip completely into the vagina.

Side Effects
Women and sometimes the partners become irritated by the female condom.

The female condom should not be used with polyurethane allergy.

For Further Information
Visit the FC2 Female Condom® web site: