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Abortion Care Options

Women's Med has conveniently located offices. We offer a variety of options to personalize your care. Click here to see which can best cater to your needs.

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Abortion Care


Women’s Med offers both surgical and non-surgical abortions. We can usually schedule your appointment for the pre-abortion visit within a few days of your call and for the procedure just a day or two later. Remember that the laws in both Indiana and Ohio require a pre-abortion visit before termination services can be performed.

Surgical abortions are offered in our Dayton and Indianapolis locations. A surgical abortion ends a pregnancy by emptying the uterus (womb) with suction or special surgical instruments. Abortions in Ohio are limited to viability, approximately the end of the 22nd week. Outpatient abortions in Indiana are limited to the end of the 13th week.

Non-surgical abortions are offered in our Cincinnati and Indianapolis locations. Women’s Med offers two forms of abortion without surgery–RU486 or the abortion pill and Methotrexate or the abortion shot. Both are equally effective. A non-surgical abortion is much like a miscarriage early in a pregnancy. This is accomplished by a woman taking medications that cause the pregnancy to stop, the cervix to dilate and the uterus to contract, pushing the pregnancy out. Methotrexate (the shot) + misoprostol are used in Cincinnati through the 49th day of pregnancy. Mifeprex (RU486, the pill) + misoprostol  are used in Indianapolis through the 63rd day of pregnancy.

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